Hi, I'm Patricia Reszetylo

I love seeing people step into their authority, celebrity, and expert status. I hate how the easiest way to get there, writing a book, is so difficult, so I created a system that makes it super simple for people to step into their greatness, own their awesomeness, and create a book and marketing plan that makes it easy for them to accomplish this in a VERY short time frame.

Since 2005, I've held over 100 calls, starting in the horse industry, with specialists, experts, and business experts too.  I've done 1-on-1 calls, and hosted panel discussions.  I co-hosted the horse industry's first ever Equine Business Success telesummit in 2011; then produced and hosted the Rider Confidence Telesummit in 2016.

I'm the author of several books, including "45 Minute Marketing" and "What To Know Before Marketing Your Clinician, Coaching or Instruction Horse Business... In The New Economy."

Everything I did set me up as an authority, as a celebrity, and as an expert in my market.  And I realized that this was one of the MOST important things one could do as a sales professional, an entrepreneur, or as a small business owner - to do things that bring the AUTHORITY on what you do, and that turn you into a CELEBRITY for those you do it for.

I ALSO learned a LOT about marketing...

I learned ways to build a list FAST. I learned formulas to make marketing (anything) simple, fast and easy. I learned that money does in fact grow on trees... we just have to open our eyes to it.

So I set out to make that happen for more people (like you).

Now, I help a few 1-on-1 clients a year position themselves as the go-to authority, celebrity, and expert in their market, which allows them to build a tribe, raise their rates, and offer the best service (or products) in their niche.

I also help a LOT of people grow their business, taking it from "How am I gonna make rent this month?" to having a lot of cash clogging up their bank accounts...

Will you be next - or will you continue to settle for mediocre results in your business?

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