Attn: All GCs and Subs who lose clients due to financing...

Who Else Is Tired of Losing Jobs Because You Can't Offer Financing -- And Because the Available Options Are Far TOO EXPENSIVE -- For Both YOU and Your Prospect?

Here's a solution that's affordable for both you AND your client...

If it's happened once to you, it's happened a hundred times.

The prospect has invited you into their home to get an estimate on what a landscaping, remodeling, or repair project will run.

They're on board. They love you. You can do the job better than anybody. They want to go ahead with it.

All is great until they get the estimate. They just don't have that much sitting in the bank, and they ask if you can finance it somehow.

They don't want (or can't get) another loan or line of credit. They have the cash flow - they just want to (or need to) get it all done NOW, not 6 months from now.

"Sorry, I'm not set up to do that," you mutter as you hang your head and shuffle off.

Later, you investigate some of the financing companies out there.. and you find they want $1000 to $3500 just to open the account, and maybe even that much a month from you.

And then they charge the client an arm and a leg as well.

If ONLY there was a solution that used the client's existing credit cards...

So you went online again, and checked out merchant accounts as a solution. And here, you found a few more problems:

  • Crazy fees for you
  • Setting up the account was a NIGHTMARE - Congratulations if you got it figured out...
  • The Merchant account charges you a ton every month - regardless of how much you use (or don't use) it...
  • And it still doesn't work if the client doesn't have enough on their card for the full job.. unless you enjoy running it manually (let's hope the office manger REMEMBERS to do that this month), or praying they have enough on the card at all.

...there's GOT to be a 'better mousetrap' solution for this problem!!

Here's a better financing solution that allows your client to use their Visa® or MasterCard® credit card's available balance to cover the cost of the work, and pay it off in monthly installments at a 0% interest rate.

You set the length of time they have to pay off the balance, and you can choose whether you want paid in full, up-front, or over the course of time it takes the client to pay off the balance.

  • Increases your conversion rate - Offering alternative payment solutions like this financing solution is proven to increase sales, as clients find the best way to pay for their purchases.
  • Reduces barriers to purchase - With no need to apply for additional credit and interest-free payments, purchase decisions are easier and faster.
  • Promotes higher average tickets - Shoppers now have better control of their monthly cashflow and can buy more of the things they need and want.
  • Protects the perceived VALUE of your offering - Discounts and too-frequent or poorly planned promos erodes the value you offer.
  • Protects your profit margin - Offering this financing program to your clients protects your margins, reducing the cost of doing business

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