Business Legal Structure Strategy

#1: Structuring Strategy

Entrepreneurs and small business owners should receive the same tax, asset, and liability benefits many large and wealthy corporations do, without having to pay what the inflated fees wealthy pay.

Build Your Log Cabin First

Build Your Business Correctly From the Ground Up. Make sure your basics are correct before you expand.

Build Your Business Correctly

C-Corporations & S-Corporations

LLC Limited Liability Company

Sole Proprietorship


The Difference Between A C-Corporation And An S-Corporation

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    Here's What Other Clients Are Saying About Us...

    I inherited a hula studio in the San Francisco Bay area, running it as a sole proprietor for 10 years.  I was paying around $10,000/yr in taxes.

    I upgraded to an S-corp, and instead of paying $10k, got $1,000 back.

    Then I structured my business – and my 2020 return was $20,000!

    Toni Densing

    Hula Dance Studio Owner

    We got our 2019 return done, and we were going to have to pay about $4,500 in taxes. 

    After we did the structuring, we couldn't believe the difference. We saved over $3,000 on our 2019 tax bill.  And our 2020 tax was only $258!

    Debbie & Wayne Faw

    Health & Wellness/Fire Pilot

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