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Wednesday, February 10th
10 AM Pacific Time
11 AM Mountain Time
Noon Central Time
1PM Eastern Time


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    How much you REALLY need to have in order to retire without having to work.. and why you REQUIRE MORE than $1M.

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    How to squirrel away at LEAST 15%* more each year - with no additional revenues...How to squirrel away at LEAST 15%* more each year - with no additional revenues...

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    How much that "extra" 15%* adds up to over the next 5, 10, 15 years, especially when you include interest on your investment.

Co-Host Landon McDuff, Financial Professional

Co-host, Patricia Reszetylo, Author, CEO, Strategic Business Advisor

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*Your mileage may vary. You might see greater or lesser savings in your industry, business, or personal circumstances.